Metrowest Educational Advocates offers a complete range of services to help you obtain the education your child is entitled to by law.

Meetings with parents and/or other parties for review of materials, planning, development of service plan, etc.

Telephone Consult:
Telephone consults are available after the initial consultation appointment(includes e-mail and FAX correspondence).

Research and Review:
Gathering, organizing and reviewing materials necessary to effectively advocate for the services needed by your child.  Includes collecting information and documentation,  and assistance as necessary should the family choose to retain legal counsel.

Classroom Observation:
Our experienced on-staff Education Specialist will do a classroom observation of your child in his or her current placement,  observe a proposed placement or program to ensure that it is appropriate to the individual needs of your child.

Team Meetings:
We will attend all scheduled meetings with school personnel to provide support and guidance regarding your child's IEP and program development, annual reviews and three year re-evaluations.  We are also available to accompany parents to unforeseen meetings that may arise in the course of the year.

Mediation and Hearings:
Metrowest Educational advocates will attend mediation, hearings and pre-hearing sessions at the request of the parents.


All personal records, information and conversations are held to the highest standards of confidentiality.